What file formats do you need to get started on my project?

We can work with pretty much any 3D file format but can open and locally use 3D or 2D CAD (.dwg), Sketchup (.skp), Revit (.rvt), Rhino (.3dm), and SolidWorks (.sldprt) files. 

What file formats do you deliver at the end of my project?

The format of the final deliverable depends on the requirements of the project. Typically, we send .JPG, or .TIF for still-rendered images, and .MAX files for 3d models. For animations, .mov, or .avi.

Can you deliver source files for my project?

Unfortunately, no, we cannot deliver source files for a project. The 3D Models contain proprietary methods that would compromise our unique process and make us less competitive as a studio. In some cases, delivering source files containing entourage models such as landscape, trees, furniture, or people would violate the terms of use for these items. 

What is your typical output resolution?

Our typical rendered resolution is a maximum of 3000px (height or width, depending on aspect ratio). If a resolution is needed for a specific application, let us know before the project begins so we can adjust our output to your needs. 

How big can I print my images?

With a 3000px output size, the final images should be able to print up to 24” x 36”. If you need larger prints we can can generate larger-resolution files. 

What software do you use to create your 3D Renderings?

 3DS Max, Rhino, SolidWorks, Vray, Adobe Design Suite, as well as a large library of 3D assets including furniture, fixtures, cars, people, and any kind of tree, plant, or flower. Our imagination is the limit! 

Can I use renderings to build from?

 Sorry, but no. While renderings are made to scale, they are an artists interpretation/representation of a design or project and shouldn’t be construed as having any technical or specification info.