Design Concepts

We turn your design concept into a 3D model based on the materials you provide, whether we start from hand-drawn sketches, or existing Autocad files. We can work with 2D or 3D Autocad files, SketchUp or Revit models, among others.

The photorealistic and artistically stylized renderings we produce are used by our clients across multiple design and engineering professions: we’ve helped developers win bids on new projects, architectural firms integrate 3D rendering into their engineering process, and interior designers build a more tactile and hands-on approach to their presentations. approach to their work that goes beyond swatches and blueprints.

We’ve worked with teams and individuals of all experience levels to offer the following services:

  • Develop a new design or explore design ideas.
  • Apply texture and materials to models.
  • Create studies of light and shadow.
  • Add landscapes and hardscapes to put models in context.
  • Render and post-process models in photorealistic or artistically stylized way.

Advantages of 3D design

3D models have certain advantages over other mediums. Our renderings may be:

  • Shown in context next to neighboring structures and scenery.
  • Juxtaposed with landscapes and hardscapes (actual and imaginary).
  • Placed into a photograph.
  • Viewed from any angle (3D renderings are 360º models).
  • Shown at any time of day or night.