3D Interiors

Commissioning 3D renderings of commercial and residential interiors as an essential part of the design process is becoming more common among interior designers and developers, especially for complex or challenging projects. The ability to preview a design before you spend the time and money painting the walls and stitching together new curtains is invaluable to clients, and cuts down waste on most projects.

We’ve worked with designers of all experience levels to render interior spaces. The level of detail in a model varies depending on the project or approval process. It may be that all that is needed is a sense of the atmosphere in a room to get approval on a direction. Other times, we are requested to painstakingly render each wall hanging, or place decorations about the fireplace. More detail usually means more time, but the end result can leave a big impression.

Here are a few architectural visualization services we provide for interior renderings:

  • Render rooms, and building interiors
  • Create 3D floor plans
  • Add decorations to an existing photograph
  • Model custom pieces of furniture

Real uses for 3D interiors

The renderings we create are usually not an end in themselves. Our clients have used renderings we’ve created for:

  • Presentations and marketing material
  • Gaining approval on new projects
  • Acquiring funding
  • Identifying design direction early in the process