3D Exteriors

3D renderings of residential and commercial exteriors is by far our most requested service. We’ve worked with architectural firms, real-estate developers, civic organizations, home builders and individuals to visualize buildings for short and long term design and construction projects.

Whatever your needs, Moriyama Studio can guide you through the 3D modelling and rendering process. Our diverse portfolio of 3D exteriors includes modern homes, temples, churches, apartment complexes, schools, retail spaces, and other gathering places. We are always looking for unique challenges in our 3D work that pushes us to test our limits both stylistically and architecturally.

Here are a few architectural visualization services we provide for exterior renderings:

  • Build a 3D model from your 2D plan (2D AutoCAD drawings, hand-drawn sketches).
  • Texture, light, and render an existing 3D model (BIM, SketchUp, or Revit models).
  • Provide rendered elevations.
  • Provide 3D floor plans.
  • Light and shadow studies on new or existing models.
  • Use as a design tool to visualize new building concepts.

Real uses for 3D exteriors

The renderings we create are usually not an end in themselves. Our clients have used renderings we’ve created for:

  • Presentations and marketing material
  • Gaining approval on new projects
  • Acquiring funding
  • Identifying design direction early in the process
  • To supply architects with a foundation to build on